Medication & Mental Health… Who is forgotten?

It appears that there is an ever-increasing trend to focus on the validity of medication for treating/helping with mental health. First of all, medication is NOT for all people. Second, medication does NOT help all people. Third, medication CAN have negative side effects. Should this stop those who are in need from getting help? Absolutely not. With any prescription medication, there are side effects: some minimal and others severe. If medication helps someone in need, why would we strip them of their health? For many, medication is the means to get through a day and others the nudge they need in the right direction. But why are we so focused on medication?


While we sit around and debate medication, many are hiding on the sidelines ashamed to speak up. They feel a sense of guilt, for failing as a Christian, just because they are seeking medical assistance. Have we forgotten that there are real human beings hurting each day? It is easy to look at the argument from a logical point of view: numbers, studies, tests, etc.


The truth is, many who are medically untrained or unskilled to assist in the mental health community harshly speak out, offering opinions that only leave those who are hurting helpless. If we do not have the answer, can we not give a measure of grace? Understanding that some may need additional help does not mean he or she is a weaker or a less capable human.


Moving past our own opinions, lets work together to help those in need, and strengthen the mental health community. Understanding the reality of mental health will allow for empathy and compassion, a theory often spoken about but rarely applied. Remember, it’s not an argument of numbers and figures but a crisis involving real people. Learn to love those who are hurting by showing empathy and compassion. Offer grace to help those in need. Never forget, that this is not about your desires, arguments, or being right but it’s about real people who are in need of help! Together we can create an environment of grace for those in need of healing.



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